Etsy is a big community of amazing artists gathered from all over the world. It is a marketplace where you can find outstanding handmade items. This month European Kids Team starts friendly blogging. We are a community of European artists and crafters, who make things for kids. This month I will introduce you with Filippa from Nionoi. Filippa is crafter from Portugal, Lisbon and she makes beautiful knitted and crochet clothing for newborn babies. She is using only top-quality materials and natural/organic yarns. All the designs are simple, comfortable, easy to dress and undress, easy diaper changing and easy care (machine wash yarns).

I make little interview with Filippa, and she was so kind to answer these questions. 
1. Where are you from and/or where do you live? 
I’m from Oporto – a beautiful city in the north of Portugal. But in the last 10 years I’ve been living with my husband in Spain, Lisbon and Azores. Right now I’m in Lisbon. 
 2. What was the 1st thing you made? How and when did you start crafting?
I really don’t remember the first thing I’ve made. At 6 years old I started hand-sewing simple clothes to my dolls, with the scraps of my mother sewing projects (by the way, my mom is an amazing sewer!). Also by that age my grandma tough me how to crochet and I made my first big project – crochet edges to my mother kitchen cabinets (and she still uses them). Later, in the catholic school I learn embroidery techniques and cross stitch. Knitting was the last thing and I’ve learned it when I was pregnant…I really wanted to hand knit some clothes to my arriving baby.
3. What role does crafting/knitting play in your life? 
Crafting has always been an important part of my life. For me the perfect end of any day is laying in my coach sewing, crocheting or knitting. It is like television for most people! Even when I ended university and started working as an engineer I managed to find time to sew handmade dolls and sell them in a local artisan market. I was also was part of an local artisan association to promote handmade products and teach crafts.
4. How you started to pay attention to natural materials you are working with? 
That happened when I started looking for materials to my daughter clothes. I really didn’t like most of the yarns that were in the craft shops labeled as “baby yarn” and tried to figure out why. I started researching more about yarns and how they are made. After learning about acrylic fibers and plastic (do you know it’s the same?), I had to choose natural fibers. Plus, there is a natural ecologic concern on my life (do you know I make my own cosmetics?) and following that vision on my business was inevitable. 
5. What’s your crafting secret weapon? Is there any trick or technique do your projects always tend to include?
This a really good question because I have never thought about that before! But I guess my secret weapon is “mixing” – I love joining crochet and knitting, or knitting and embroidery, or knitting and sewing. Sometimes I have a difficult time trying to stay with only one technique… 
6. How did you decided to start sell on Etsy? 
Selling to my friends and family wasn’t enough and to open an online store, Etsy was my first choice. It’s a really great community of crafters and I getting to know amazing people – it’s really inspiring! 
7. What kind of baby clothes will be available in your shop? 
My shop has mainly newborn clothes, from 0 to 6 months, knitted in natural fibers. I really try to keep the models simple, focusing on the baby’s comfort. I really avoid too many buttons, ruffles or anything that wouldn’t be so comfortable for the baby to use – after all they do spend most of the day sleeping! My goal is to have beautiful dressed and super comfortable babies. 
8. Where do you go to get inspired? 
My mother collects vintage magazines and I bring tons of them to my house to inspiration. Those vintage models are amazing! Also love searching newborn photos on Pinterest, there are lovely photos that just inspire me to “dress them up”. 
9. What is your dream among Etsy?
I really don’t have an “Etsy dream”…I’m focusing on promote my work and getting involved with this amazing community. And I’m learning so much from you all! 
Filipa from Nionoi


  1. Greay job, Filipa! :)

    Regards from Porto! **

  2. I love this!
    Filippa, your work is so nice, my grandma made me a dress very similar to the pink one when I was a baby. It's nice to see it again : )

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