My name is Zanda and I' m fashion designer and this is my blog where I share my inspiration, part of my daily life and behind the scenes of my own hand made - home made children clothing brand ZanziBach.
All the quality items are made by me. I select best fabrics for my clothing line that reflects my taste and childrens needs. Since I started mu business I absolutely fell in love with linen fabric.
Most of my linen fabrics are from Baltic textile companies and they are high quality so our garments are made to last. 
And that is how ZanziBach was born:
ZanziBach is a mysterious character, created by my father during my childhood. He created some characters by telling stories to my sister and me (also to frighten us a little bit). Zanzibaks and Parababiks are two of those characters. I chose the name ZanziBach, inspired by the character Zanzibaks. It is connected to my own childhood and great for the next generation of children. ZanziBach is mysterious, playful, always in for adventures and most of all a children friend!

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