Last week I participated on Kids Clothes Week. It is seasonal sewing challenge, one week in which you must sew every day at least 1 our for children. So I decided to sew at least one our for my boy. I must admit that I sew only 4 days from 7 because of urgent works, but these 4 days I sewed more than 1 our a day, so I hope that' s ok :)
I managed to sew tree great pieces for my little boy: 
1) T-shirt made from jersey front and linen back with blockprinted boxers; 
2) Very soft pullover;
 3) Linen harem shorts. They are so comfortable and stylish, and will be perfect for summer. I love those harem shorts so much that I listed them in my Etsy store. Already at first day got 2 sales of them!!! Yea!


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